Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Squirrel Walk

This is a walk cycle I did with the "Squirrelly" rig created by Josh Burton. This was a test to get used to the rig for an upcoming animation. This was created in Maya.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Billy CA

Sometimes another naked man walking around can cause friction between a couple. This project was intended to show a different range of emotions then I've previously attempted to animate. The male is this piece is frustrated, angry while try to stay as calm as possible at times. While the female is dominant and unflinching when it comes to her partners anger. This project was done in Maya.

Horse Trot

Quads in motion. This project is a result from my realistic animation class at the Academy, taught by Linda Bel. The Academy is expanding their animation curriculum with classes like this one. While character animation has it's place, there is more to learn than lip sync and Norman. This was the first time the class was taught so the rigs were fresh out of the riggers hands and we beta tested almost every one that was used. Some worked better than others but they were all fun to animate.